Build your brand & business to be a fully authentic expression of you, turning your light all the way on so your dream clients can find you and pay you.

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My work uniquely combines high-level vision with soul-deep strategies, integrating step-by-step processes to help you make the unseen seen.

With every tool and teaching I share, my intention is that it helps you see how beautiful your soul and your business truly is — polishing, chiseling, and refining to let it shine.

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The Brand Capsule

The Brand Capsule® is my signature, proven brand-building methodology that dives deep into the heart & soul of your business, creating a strategic foundation to inform your marketing, sales, operations, offer development, and beyond. You'll be guided through creating your very own Brand Capsule — the new North Star for your purpose-driven business. 


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online Course

ALIGNED: Self Discovery for Soulpreneurs

This mini-course is a step-by-step guide to help you see, know, and trust yourself deeply so that you can make entrepreneurial decisions informed by your soul. It's designed to help you peel back the layers of conditioning, stories, and "shoulds", coming back to the truth of who you are, what you're here to do, and who you're here to serve.

Get Aligned


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At our core, every human deeply desires to be truly seen — and yet being seen is one of the most terrifying things. We simultaneously crave it yet reject it. We want it to come effortlessly, yet work hard to prevent it from happening. But as entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to allow ourselves to be seen. In this 60-minute workshop, I'll walk you through the 3 pitfalls that are getting in your way of shining your light... and how to overcome them.

01. SEEN: Brand Visibility for Soulpreneurs

01. SEEN: Brand Visibility for Soulpreneurs

02. Craft Your 2023 Brand Vision

Craft a plan for your business that aligns soul, strategy, and style, and walk away with a 2-page summary to chart the way to brand success in 2023 and beyond. These exercises are something you can come back to again and again to recalibrate and reground.

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— Monique G.

"Robyn is the most soulful and kind creative genius! She’s been an invaluable sounding board throughout all of my branding & design decisions, especially at points when the way forward was more cloudy than clear."

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— Harpreet D.

"Robyn has really helped me explore and understand my purpose, myself, and my brand. She has been so pivotal in building the foundation for my entrepreneurial venture and has given me invaluable direction!"

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— Raquel R.

"For anyone who is burning to build a soul-driven business and to connect deeply with other outstanding women doing the same, this is the place to be."

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