We are here to guide, teach, and inspire visionary soulpreneurs to create soul-aligned brands & businesses by embodying the truest version of themselves.

Within our community, you will have the tools, education, connection, and support to activate your full brilliance and experience the success you desire in your business and life.

We blend personal and entrepreneurial growth — soul, strategy & style — to be lit up, on fire, abundant, and inspired... together.

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– Raquel C.

Joining The Soulcademy™ was one of the best decisions I made in 2020 for both my emerging biz and my spiritual growth. The Soulcademy’s magic is that it is truly a safe space where “real talk” is, actually, REAL, deep, and enriching. With that foundation, it is easy and natural to make connections – even for an introvert like myself – and to find the collaborations that can really advance your personal growth and your professional goals.

For anyone who is burning to build a soul-driven business and to connect deeply with other outstanding women doing the same, this is the place to be. I cannot wait to meet you!!

– Xi C.

Joining The Soulcademy™ was the best decision! Robyn is so knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. The community of women is truly amazing, and you get so much support and inspiration from here!

– Stacy W.

Starting a new business can be incredibly intimidating. Not only is there a significant amount of logistics to work out, there’s often a significant amount of limiting beliefs, fears, and mindset work that needs to take place too. The Soulcademy™ and its incredible community of likeminded women provide holistic support as you create, nurture, and experience your business in a whole new way.

The Soulcademy™ provides a safe and supportive place for entrepreneurs who crave something more to really discover the truth of who they are, spread their wings, and soar.

– Cindy W.

Joining The Soulcademy™ has been so amazing, especially in the last few months. I appreciate the opportunities for connection and learning in a spiritually-aligned way.

Having other soul sisters to meet with, and ask for advice and opinions has really helped me narrow down what I want my future path to be.

I am here to help people break free from their mental constructs to fully embody and express their truth, especially in the context of their business and brand. I am here to co-create a new paradigm of business and leadership, to write a new language of what success and stewardship can look like. 

I am here to turn my light all the way on and help others do the same, so that those who need us can find us. I am here to help you see the highest, biggest vision for your life, and to hold you in it when you falter. I am here to bridge the gap between soul and strategy — unleashing your creativity and intuition while creating smart systems and structures.

I am here to remind you that your body and your soul know the way, better than anyone or anything else (including me)… and that if you listen closely, they will guide you back home. To your purpose. To your passion. To your desires. To you. 

I am here to do the work and The Work with you and for you, because I know that with each woman who turns her light all the way on, it sparks a chain reaction of beauty, truth, and love.


I'm Robyn, and I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the most potent portals for self-discovery and personal growth.

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