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I want to share a simple-yet-powerful exercise that will completely shift the way you build your brand & business.

Who are you here to be?

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The evolution of my brand – my identity, my business model, my niche, my message – continues to unfold in ways that surprise me. While I know another rebrand doesn’t surprise anyone who knows me well, there is something deeper going on: this is a representation of me getting closer and closer to who I really am…

The evolution continues: My next edge of brand & business growth

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I believe wholeheartedly that our businesses are portals for self-actualization. That the truest expression of our purpose is not only our clients’ medicine, but ours too. I believe that the work we are here to bring forward is the work we need the most. Put simply, we must let our work work us.

The shift from seeking to embodying

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In my 10+ years in the entrepreneurial, branding, marketing, and sales world, I have noticed that most people in this field (myself included) are always working so hard to become ‘better’. But what if the true work of building a magnetic brand was less about becoming something or someone…

The key to building your personal brand (it’s not what you think)

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I have a story to tell you. This is a story about misalignment and mistakes, about fears and insecurities, about divine timing and expansive visions…

The Soulcademy: Reflections, updates, and visioning


Robyn & Krista walking in Venica Beach

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As I sit here and prepare to launch this website, I’m staring at a blank blog page. I have dozens of blogs from my other past and present websites, and hundreds of half-written posts scattered throughout my phone and journals and Google Drive. It would be so easy to copy a few into this new […]

This isn’t about me: Reflections on letting your work work you


Hi, I'm Robyn...

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In my 10+ years as a brand consultant, marketer, and entrepreneur, one thing has become very clear: building a magnetic brand is contingent on how well you know, listen to, and trust yourself. I spent years trying to build my business the 'right' way, but once I let my soul take the driver's seat, everything changed. Now, this is what I'm here to teach you: soul first, then strategy... creating alignment (and success) from the inside out.

...and I believe the best brands are built from the soul up.

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