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I have personally moved away from offering most design services, however my agency offers everything from strategy development, to graphic & web design, to copywriting, to videography & photography (location dependent). Our trusted partners specialize in digital media, sales, and events & activations. 

I want to ensure you're supported throughout your entire journey, and whenever possible, I will connect you with aligned co-creators to help bring your vision to life.

Do you offer any creative or design services? Once I create my Brand Capsule, I know I'll need help bringing it to life via branding & web design.


If I was starting over again from scratch, the first step I would take is working through the exercises within my ALIGNED program. And taking it a step further, I would commit to operating in alignment and following my intuition throughout each stage of my entrepreneurial journey — it's one thing to document this work, and another thing to actually live it.

After working through ALIGNED, I suggest going through The Brand Capsule® Program so that you can build a brand strategy (ultimately, your business strategy through the lens of your brand) so that how you show up in the world is in alignment with who you & your business is at its core.

And if you desire a community to bounce ideas around and learn from, come join us in The Soulcademy™ — we would love to support your journey!

I'm just starting my business. Where is the best place to begin?


This is my favorite "problem" to solve! I always say that it's a GOOD sign when you start feeling this type of tension, because it means you have taken action in your business — learning and growing through successes and failures — and you're aware and intuitive enough to understand that there is, in fact, some misalignment.

Now, I suggest a few paths for you — work through ALIGNED and The Brand Capsule® Program for soul-deep personal & brand discovery and strategy development, or if you'd like one-on-one support, schedule a Brand Alignment Audit or Soul & Strategy Session with me.

I already have a successful business, but I feel like I've outgrown aspects of it. How can you help?


I love to chat all things soul alignment, entrepreneurship, purpose-driven business, brand strategy, marketing strategy, and personal & spiritual growth.

I would love to explore this opportunity with you further — pop your request in my Contact Form (above) and we can figure out best next steps.

I would love to have you on my blog or podcast! What topics can we explore?