I am here to help people break free from their mental constructs to fully embody and express their truth, especially in the context of their business and brand. I am here to co-create a new paradigm of business and leadership, to write a new language of what success and stewardship can look like. 

I am here to turn my light all the way on and help others do the same, so that those who need us can find us. I am here to help you see the highest, biggest vision for your life, and to hold you in it when you falter. I am here to bridge the gap between soul and strategy — unleashing your creativity and intuition while creating smart systems and structures.

I am here to remind you that your body and your soul know the way, better than anyone or anything else (including me)… and that if you listen closely, they will guide you back home. To your purpose. To your passion. To your desires. To you

I am here to do the work and the Work with you and for you, because I know that with each woman who turns her light all the way on, it sparks a chain reaction of beauty, truth, and love. 

I'm Robyn james, a soul-centered brand & Business advisor, community builder, teacher, creative, and agency founder.

I'm here to hold up the mirror and help guide you back into alignment across brand, business, and being.

I believe that as heart-centered entrepreneurs, our businesses are potent vessels for personal & spiritual growth. 

and I believe the best strategies in the world won't get you the results you want unless they are first informed by the soul — both yours, and that of your business.

I spent most of my life pursuing 'traditional' success, thinking that happiness would come with the next accolade or the next promotion. But as I deepened in my personal & spiritual growth, I realized that version of success wasn't truly me. 

So in 2016, I quit my job with no money and no plan – just a whole lot of passion and youthful optimism. I started a branding & marketing agency (Studio Co.Creative), got a life coaching certification, created my signature brand building method (The Brand Capsule™), worked with over 100 private clients, launched a few courses, got a few more certifications, and opened the doors to The Soulcademy™ in 2020. 

But like most entrepreneurs, my journey has been far from easy. It has shone a light on all of my stories, insecurities, patterns, and BS. It's brought me to my knees (quite literally) many, many times. But with each breakdown came a breakthrough, and one day something clicked: alignment is the true key to business (and life) success. Not only from an intuitive or energetic perspective, but also in a practical, simple, systematic way. A way that integrates brand, business, and being – one informing the other.

Now, this is what I'm here to teach you – how to strategically and intuitively build an aligned brand & business. One that is rooted in beauty, truth, purpose, and service... while allowing all of who you are to shine.

My entrepreneurial journey has been a continual evolution of personal & spiritual growth.

My Journey

6/2 Mental Projector; ENFP; Gene Key Life's Work in Gate 31; 37/10 Numerology; Leo Sun, Pisces Rising, Scorpio Moon. When I look at all of my charts and assessments together, my purpose becomes clear – I am here to create systems for self-discovery and self-expression, to learn in silence and teach in community, and to create beauty and harmony through spiritual & entrepreneurial pursuits.


Brand & Marketing Strategy; Brand Building; Brand Embodiment; Business Model Design; Business Alignment & Energetics; Entrepreneurship; Personal Growth; Life Coaching; Creative Services. And as I deepen in my personal, professional, and spiritual growth, the repertoire on what I teach & create continually expands.


Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from Queen's University; International Business Exchange at Warsaw School of Economics; International Baccalaureate Graduate from Bishop O'Byrne High School; Grade 10 Piano from The Royal Conservatory of Music; Life Coach Certificate from The Academy of Rising Women; Certified Brand Consultant™ from The Future Academy.


xo Robyn

I want you to connect back with your truth. To see how beautiful you truly are. For you to infuse your business with the fullness of you, serving and supporting your people – while it serves and supports you.

I want you to fall in love with your business again. To reconnect with your purpose, expand your vision, and take inspired action. And I want to teach you how to practically, tactfully, honestly shed what is no longer in alignment, so that you can experience the freedom, joy, and success you desire. 

I'm doing it, too – with you and for you.

I want to hold up the mirror for you, to guide you back home to yourself – and into the success you know you're meant for.

I believe that true success is a natural outcome of alignment – and it all begins with curiosity, honesty, and awareness.