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Purpose-driven entrepreneurs are here to change the world, but most are missing one key element when building their brands & businesses: soul alignment. I'm here to help you reconnect with your truth, your purpose, and your intuition, while building smart systems and structures to hold it all. 

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In my 10+ years as a brand consultant, marketer, and entrepreneur, one thing has become very clear: building a magnetic brand is contingent on how well you know, listen to, and trust yourself. I spent years trying to build my business the 'right' way, but once I let my soul take the driver's seat, everything changed. Now, this is what I'm here to teach you: soul first, then strategy... creating alignment (and success) from the inside out.

...and I believe the best brands are built from the soul up.

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Build your brand from the soul up

This isn’t any ordinary brand strategy. The Brand Capsule® is your business's declaration, foundation, and orientation. Here, you will uncover the soul, strategy, and style of your business, and learn how to align it across all layers of your brand & business.

My proven 9-step process has been designed to extract your wisdom, passion, and expertise, and synthesize it in a way that creates alignment, consistency, and meaningful results — creating a  guiding light for every business decision to come.


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— Monique G.

"Robyn is the most soulful and kind creative genius! She’s been an invaluable sounding board throughout all of my branding & design decisions, especially at points when the way forward was more cloudy than clear."

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— Harpreet D.

"Robyn has really helped me explore and understand my purpose, myself, and my brand. She has been so pivotal in building the foundation for my entrepreneurial venture and has given me invaluable direction!"

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— Raquel R.

"For anyone who is burning to build a soul-driven business and to connect deeply with other outstanding women doing the same, this is the place to be."

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At our core, every human deeply desires to be truly seen — and yet being seen is one of the most terrifying things. We simultaneously crave it yet reject it. We want it to come effortlessly, yet work hard to prevent it from happening. But as entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to allow ourselves to be seen. In this 60-minute workshop, I'll walk you through the 3 pitfalls that are getting in your way of shining your light... and how to overcome them.

SEEN: Brand Visibility for Soulpreneurs (Workshop)

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If you’re a soul-led entrepreneur, you have likely experienced moments of tension in your business. As you grow, parts of your brand, or business model, or content, or offerings, or clientele, etc. will start to feel 'off' or sticky. In this blog and video, I share how to recognize those moments of tension, how to move through them without burning out, and teach you my exact framework for uncovering the next evolution of your business and brand.

Breakthrough vs Burnout: How to Redesign Your Business

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